The Brand Exam

Many of our clients believe branding is their logo, tagline and the colors used across their websites and tshirts. That is, they did until they worked with us.

Often we get clients who need a website build or social media plan, PR or custom infographic videos – and we are happy to help – that’s exactly what our team does well. But what they don’t always expect, is that we like to start by taking a few steps back into their business story – how they came to be, what they believe makes them different and why their customer will try and become loyal to their brand. A lot of time these questions reveal answers that don’t seem to line up with some of the ‘brand’ elements they have in place. That well-designed, innovative logo looks great, but not if it tells a different story than what your business does.

Which is why we often like to start with a Brand Exam.

We believe that you have to dig deep to find the soul of your business, the reason you got started, the customer you wanted to help, the company you wanted to build. These aren’t just colors or slogans, these are deep-seated reasons for getting up every morning and making a promise to people that you will deliver what they expect.

And what they expect is exactly the core of your brand. Do you promise relief from a problem? Efficiency to an age-old time consuming problem? Or peace of mind to a nagging concern? Or just a good old romp to take your mind of everything else.

This is where we start. This is what we do.

We ask a lot of questions and find the connective tissue that runs from your business owner brain, through your team, production process and delivery schedule – right to your client’s door. Those emotional ties are what we rely upon to Make your Brand Break Through.